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Inspired by all the trans-ethnic demiromantic demisexual cat-otherkin on Tumblr, I have decided to attempt to define myself, for my own amusement and the possible benefit of friends and passing strangers.

1. I am Elderly.

1.1. Memo to self: invest in drape-y clothes, shapeless dresses, possibly shawls.

2. I have been Mummified. This renders my life both very busy and, as far as non-Mummies are concerned, very boring. I apologize for this, but I like it this way.

2.1. I am therefore Exhausted. If I have fallen, chances are I do not want to get up. Please just cover me with a light blanket and leave me to sleep it off.

2.2. I am also thereby Well-Preserved, which lends a certain preserved-in-amber quality to my interests. I have probably not heard of your latest fandom, but if it's a book series, or a television series I can someday obtain on DVD, I would love it if you told me about all about the thing, in the faint hope I will find the time to read/buy/download it. Some days you Online People feel like my only contact with the outside world, and I appreciate you more than you know.

2.3. I am also, therefore, busy. I eventually reply to letters and emails, but there's no point in pretending it happens promptly. I try my best to keep up with the life events of friends, but sometimes I admit I can't find time to do more than fling a comment at you or mail you something--and the something is more likely to be "a short note and a small gift" than "a long chatty letter."

2.4. I understand that after the first few years, one adapts to Mummification and starts having free time again. I live in hope and expectation.

3. I am Prone to Melancholia.

4. I am Married. Mostly this is as I anticipated it would be, but there a are few unexpected side effects, such as a strong urge to matchmake and a faint urge to throw dinner parties. Luckily I have little time or energy to interfere with people's lives to any large degree; usually I find that lying down with a cold cloth over my forehead causes these urges to pass off. Still, I feel it's only fair to warn people.

5. I have, in my old age, turned into a Giant Prude. I would like everyone to go and put some clothes on prior to public events. I don't, however, go around saying so, because I try not to be a Giant Jerk.

So I'm an Elderly, Exhausted, Married, Mummified, Melancholy Prude. I sense this description is lacking something, but I'm not sure what.


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