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I've been enjoying Tumblr. No, really, I have. Who wouldn't? All those keen young minds and up-to-date whatever, I don't know, I mean John Green is on there, and Rainbow Rowell, probably.

But the thing is, I am old. Decades and decades and decades; centuries by now, even. OLD.

So occasionally, just every now and then, being on Tumblr makes me feel like an actual mouldering corpse. Like a mouldering corpse, in fact, who for some horrible reason has been unearthed and dragged to a school dance and forced to sit in one of those metal-legged plastic-backed chairs in the corner. All the young people are doing vibrant young people things, speaking entirely in memes and meta-jokes and listening to, I don't know, MUSIC, and I'm just sitting there quietly mouldering and thinking wistfully of how much more comfortably I could be mouldering at home.

Hello, LJ-style blogging platform. I've missed you.

...the hand which guided that pen is now mouldering in the grave...
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