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Point the first: I was slightly scatterbrained to begin with (lists are the only thing holding me together, most days), and now I have two small children, so THE BRAIN, SHE DOES NOT FUNCTION WELL.

For example, just now I was on a friending meme, looking at people's posts (as one does), and started subscribing to some of the interesting-sounding people (as one shouldn't, unless one is going to be organized enough to remember to COMMENT in reply. Oops.).

And I suddenly realized I had subscribed to a bunch of people, not commented to any of them, and...yeah, hence this post.

So hi there. Sorry about that, but you all sounded too interesting NOT to read. Don't feel obliged to subscribe back! I mean, I will be delighted if you do, but there's no obligation.

I'm older than dirt, possessed of a spouse and the aforementioned offspring, addicted to books, slightly too busy for fandom right now but hoping that will change over this next year. Sort of religious, but still not sure WHAT religion--something paganish or heathenish seems like the best fit, but I also cheerfully go to various churches with my family once in a blue moon.

I mostly post either about day to day stuff (I try not to post about the children a lot, though), or about books. Or I rant about politics sometimes. Canadian politics, those would be.
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